delete files when you move them to DT

Last week when I moved a file from my desktop to the sorter, the original file was duplicated from my desktop. At first it was alarming, but then I grew to love that feature. It has somehow stopped working like that. Was that a quirk? I can’t find the setting.

The reason I like this is that I am able to know which files I have put into DT and it saves me from tons of duplicate files.

Any thoughts on how to bring this back or other work arounds?


In a related question: When I move something from the global inbox to a database, I get a duplicate. How can I move the file instead of just copying it?


It’s not yet possible but will be til the final release of v2.0.

Good to know that will be in the final release.

Is it possible to set up DT so that it would move a file from the desktop to DT instead of copying it?


You can do this using the Sorter by Command-dragging a file into a box, but this doesn’t work with DT.

Annard: Wait, let me get this straight. . .

You’re pointing out that, at least in DTPO 2.0b4, Command-dragging a file from the Finder to any Sorter box will move the file into DTPO without the need to throw the original file in the Finder into the Finder’s Trash.

But if one attempts to Command-drag that file from the Finder into any open DTPO window, the system copies the file into DTPO and the original file in the Finder is preserved, meaning that one needs to throw the original file into the Finder’s trash if duplicates (meaning one copy of the file in DTPO and one copy of the same file in the Finder) are not what one wants.

So, in short, if one wants to avoid the additional step of manually moving the Finder duplicate (defined as above) into the Finder Trash in the current 2.0b4 release, one should become familiar with the Sorter’s operation and use the Sorter consistently with the Command-drag key combination as part of routine workflow?

Am I understanding you? Thanks once again for your helpful remarks.

You could file an enhancement request with DEVONthink because it doesn’t support this. The Command-drag behaviour is defined in Mac OS X as a “move” operation. In the Sorter it is implemented as I described but other applications may or may not support this. I don’t know if Christian decided for the current way based on previous user feedback.