Delete on toolbar keeps disappearing

I am using the most current DT3 (3.0beta 5).

I’ve been doing searches and deleting email I imported. I “customized the toolbar” by putting the “delete” there. I haven’t been able to figure out when or why it’s happening, but after a while the “delete” button disappears. I thought maybe it happened when I went back to the no-search toolbar (ie “Search Info Show Tags Inspectors”), but that doesn’t seem to be the case. To be honest, I haven’t figured out how I go back and forth between the to toolbars.

Each type of window has its own tool bar (e.g., main window, document window, preview window, etc). When doing customisation, if you want to access the delete button on all types of windows, you need to add the same button to each type of window. So, perhaps you are looking at different types of windows when u see the disappearing delete button?

Sort of thought that, but I couldn’t find a way to set a default toolbar. But I don’t think I was looking at different windows, I was pretty much going between the email window and the search window. I’ve been trying to replicate, so far can’t.

Just my 5 cents for trouble shooting. Drag two more buttons (whatever it is) to the toolbar that you have the “delete” button. If all three customised buttons disappear again, you may be looking at a different tool bar (of difference window type). Else, wait for DT response.

Are you referring to it disappearing after you updated to public beta 5?