Delete only one database from iCloud (Cloudkit)

Hi, due to the iCloud (Cloudkit) change I deleted DTTG from my iPad (old and new one). I started on my iMac an iCloud (Cloudkit) sync which was successful (with some problems like error 503).

When I installed DTTG3 on my iPad I managed to sync from iCloud (Cloudkit) the three databases with success, but one of them (1,2Gb, around 3600 items) started to upload files when installing from zero which surely indicates a problem. When I do a sync, compared to the other databases this one takes much longer, again uploading files although nothing has been added at all.

I do not want to start the whole iCloud sync from scratch, as the three databases total more than 30Gb but I am afraid what possible problems are hidden in this specific database. Tried to delete this specific database from iMac and iCloud but iCloud Drive in Finder does not show any Devonthink folder, even with hidden files.

What should I do? Thanks for your help.

There is no folder in iCloud Drive for syncing.
And why would you try to delete the database from the iCloud Drive folder? That would not be a wise idea.

Is anything reported in Window > Log?
If not, I would suggest leaving the database to sync and be patient with the process.

So is there any explanation why a freshly installed DTTG on an iPad with a sync of a database through iCloud (Cloudkit) uploads documents to iCloud??? What is there to upload??? If not then I presume something is wrong with it, and the best solution would be to export the files, delete the database from my iMac, delete the data for this database in iCloud and all of my devices, start a new database, import the files and sync it with my devices. A very-very clean install which should not have any problems. But for this I need to delete the database files from iCloud for the bug to disappear I think.

I do not know what is the relevance of Window/Log as I sync my iPad with iCloud - but there is no error message

To avoid any problems how can I make DT to delete the specific database and its files from iCloud? If it remains there

If there are no installations of DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go syncing any databases to CloudKit, having the sync location active on one Mac and cleaning the remote database should remove the sync data.