Delete the file, keep the index? (Troubles with Indexing)

Dear all,

I have a huge number of PDF files in Dropbox, indexed in DT Pro Office (& via DT Pro in DT To Go), both file name and content (= text).
Sometimes I (more or less accidentally) download one of these files into the app, just to have a closer look - resulting in taking up unwanted space, especially in DT To Go (resp. on my iPhone).

Is there a way to delete such files in DT (Pro and/or To Go), but leave the former index / reference intact? If I simply delete the file, DT seems to remember this action forever, and all references are gone, even when I do “Update indexed items” again - although in Dropbox the file is of course still existing in the same folder as before.

Thanks for any hint!

If you delete a file but don’t empty the database’s Trash, the file is still in the database.

And don’t delete the file in DTTG or you’ll be deleting it from the database. Left-swipe it and choose Purge. Also, you can set the Keep slider in DTTG’s Settings to a lower value (down to the 100 most recently accessed filed).

Thanks a lot - the left-swipe (+ choose “more”) + choose “purge” is exactly what I was looking for!

All the best,

You’re welcome.