Deleted RSS Feed Items Reappear

I’ve been trying to use DevonThink Pro as an RSS reader, with DT-ToGo as a mobile companion. It worked good yesterday. Today, after I emptied the trash, all deleted feed items reappeared. This behavior can easily be reproduced.

Is it intended to work that way? I use to skim a feed, delete all uninteresting topics and mark the interesting ones, to read them later. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong. What’s the official workflow to read feeds on both the iPhone and the desktop?

One more thing: when following a link in a RSS article, the web page opens. But how do I get back to the original article in the feed display? This applies to both the To-Go and the Pro-Version.


Yes, that is the intended behavior. When the RSS feeds refresh, the articles that you deleted are no longer in the database, so DEVONthink downloads them again. I set my preference to delete read feeds after one day, and while reading feeds I capture the text or the entire page of the articles that I want to archive. The articles can also be locked to keep them from auto-deleting. I never delete the feed articles manually My settings are:

With Pro, you click on the left arrow in the navigation bar to move back to the original article. However, the article page will reload with the actual Web page-not the page as it appears with the style sheet. I normally right-click on links and open them in a new tab.

Thanks for your solution, I’ll try it on the desktop. Are there any keyboard shortcuts available for navigation, like “scroll down”, “go to next article”, “lock current article”?

For the iPhone however it’s a little difficult, as I haven’t found a possibility to lock articles (labelling or marking doesn’t prevent them from being deleted, right?). So I have to capture the article (“Erfassen…”) to save it. That’s a slow and tedious process (not my idea of quick skimming) and all references to the original source are lost. Besides I think I’ve encountered a bug:

I tried to select an entire article and capture it but ended up with truncated items. For example your answer shows up as

"DT/DN Troublesh (04.01.2011 08:44)"

(title and content). Capturing single paragraphs works - but they end up totally out of context in the inbox.

What’s a good workflow here? Is there a comfortable way to read RSS feeds on both the iPhone and the desktop edition of DT?


“next article”: Fn+Cmd+Down Arrow
“Lock article”: can be configured in OSX keyboard shortcut settings

Haven’t found yet a shortcut for scrolling down / next page of article.

I right-click in the article and select ‘Capture Page’ rather than selecting the article and capturing it.

You can control-tab to move the focus to the article, and then the normal page navigation shortcuts will work. Control-tab again will move the focus to the tag bar, assuming that you have it visible, and control-tab again moves the focus back to the list of feeds. Control-shift-tab also cycles back if you just want to move the focus between the feed list and the article.

Sorry I cannot offer any suggestions on feeds in DTTG. I don’t use that particular function enough to offer any recommendation. You might want to post the question in the DTTG forums to see if anyone can help.