It actually is “under consideration” (no promises though). OTOH, I think it’s a fantastic thing that it does Sync indexed data. But we all have opinions… :smiley:

Please consider this another vote for optional sync of indexed folders.

I have several sets of folders syncing with Cubby. The folders are a superset of those that I index with DevonTHINK, and some of the sync destinations aren’t running DevonTHINK. In another instance I’m indexing a NAS location that is common to all instances of DevonTHINK. It would be great to suppress the file sync in both cases.


Sync indexed data means incorporate it in the database (on the other machines), so it isn’t indexed data any more. Makes no sense.

I agree with korm and suggest (as i did already some weeks ago) considering an option “Sync index data yes/no” in the preferences.

But let me add a request : i hoped that the activity window will stay in front when syncing goes wrong (what is happening every 5th sync)? This still hasn’t been realized.
Why? It is still a lot of time to waste to understand why the database on machine 1 isn’t synced with machine 2.


Sorry but that’s incorrect. It is still indexed data but local to the other machine.