deleting a database and starting over

I have created a database for each credit card account, I now want to create a database called Credit Cards and then have groups for individual accounts.
How can I remove the databases that I do not want and start over.

I am new to DEVONthink and struggling!

Create your new ‘Credit Card Accounts’ database and populate it with a group corresponding to each individual account.

If you had populated the previous databases with any information you can Move that data into the new database.

To delete the no longer needed databases, first Close all of them in the DEVONthink Pro/Office application, if they are still open. Then go the the Finder and delete the obsolete database package files.

Back in your DEVONthink application, choose File > Open Recent > Clear Menu. This will clear references to the deleted databases. The list of recently opened database will be rebuilt as you open the ones you are using.

Thank you Bill…that seems to be working for me!