deleting a database


Sorry for such an elementary question, but I cannot figure out how to delete a database. I moved it to the trash in the finder but how do I delete it in the recent databases list–or do I just live with it until it’s no longer recent!



File > Open Recent > Clear Menu

This clears the recents menu and the recent databases section of the sidebar.

Thanks very much; very easy.


I was looking for help on how to delete a database. After reading this and the post to which it responds, I deleted the database using the Finder, then executed the above command. Now I seem to have no databases. Those I wanted to keep do not appear as options under File > Open Database. Help appreciated.


The answer to my question/solution to my problem probably has something to do with the fact that DT is asking me for a license number when I was previously using it under trial. I installed it just just a couple days ago.


Databases are packages (a kind of folder) in Finder and exist apart from DT. Clearing the recents menu (or, also, Favorites) doesn’t delete the database. If your databases are not to be found on disk, then something else happened. This isn’t caused by the licensing situation - DT never deletes database packages on disk, licensed or not.

Look in your Finder trash for .dtBase2 items. Those are databases.

(I’m assuming you are not using DT Personal. If so, then there’s only one database.)

Four databases are involved. Two I created myself. They are in a folder I set up for my DEVONthink databases. Two were sample databases that I had opened in/imported into DEVONthink PRO from the downloads folder. After reading posts on this thread I deleted the latter from the finder and then did the Files > Open Recent > Clear Menu command.

I have since restored the sample databases from the trash folder, but DT is till not presenting any databases funder File > Open Database, not even the two I created myself and that were never deleted.

Also, DT continues to ask me for a license. That is so even after deleting the previous installation and reinstalling from the disk image.

I am definitely going to purchase a license. I’ve satisfied myself in just a couple days that it’s going to work for me, and that I’ll find it even more powerful with continued use. Just wasn’t planning to do it immediately, but if that’s what it takes to get me back up and running quickly, might as well go ahead.

I might want to take advantage of the DEVONthink/DEVONagent bundle. Agent sounds pretty interesting. I’ve read the stuff about it on the website. Could you give me a quick-and-dirty sales pitch on it?

One last request: Could you comment on the standard procedure for deleting databases, so I don’t get myself into this problem again?


File > Open Database merely uses a standard Finder “open” window. If, when you browse to the folder where you stored the database(s), and they are not there, then something else is amiss (they got moved somewhere else, or deleted). (BTW, the File > Open Recent menu knows nothing about databases on disk, until they have, er, been opened recently. So, if the “Clear Menu” option was used, then DT forgot everything about the location of the database(s).)

If you don’t have a license, DT will keep nattering on this subject. If you do, then its best to take the problem up with DTech Support. (Like most Mac apps, uninstalling and reinstalling a demo doesn’t trick the Mac into thinking something new and unseen has arrived. There are nifty hidden files with the licensing info that are not deleted in most cases of de-installation. :unamused: )

Close the database, remove it from Favorites (if its there), remove from the Open Recent List (not really necessary if you want the other entries on this list to be remembered since clearing it affects all entries), close DT (just to be sure nothing goes wrong), and then trash the .dtBase2 file (package) and empty the trash.

BUT…keep backups just in case after all that you remember that really wasn’t what you wanted to do. It happens. :open_mouth:

Thanks, korm. I’ve done a “Save to DEVONthink” of this. I’m creating a file of especially pertinent or helpful responses to my requests for help on the forums.

Regarding the other problems, I’ve gone ahead and purchased a license, and am now back up and running.