deleting actual files

I’m using DEVONthink right now to make a database of all my photography. In going through my files I’ve found many that I want to delete. Is there a simple way to directly delete the files, or do I always need to go through the Spotlight (I’m using OSX, that’s the search engine) to find the files and delete them?

You can directly delete files in DT/DT Pro.

Simply select the file(s) to be deleted and click the “Delete” symbol in the toolbar, or select in the menu bar Data > Delete.

Yes, but then when I search for the files in my finder I can still find them in their original locations…

That implies that you had Imported (File > Import > Files & Folders, or Drag & Drop) the images into your database. That copies the files into your database and leaves the original files untouched. In that case, you will need to delete the unwanted images in both locations. (Actually, you can delete all of the original images, as you have copied them to your database. I would recommend that you make an external backup of the database, however, using DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive and perhaps saving the backup archive on an external drive or CD.

If you Index the image files (File > Index or Command-0ption-Drag) to your database, you have established links to the original files. In that case, when you select one or more images and click on Delete, you will be asked if you also want to delete the files on disk. Say yes and the images will be removed both from your database and your hard drive. Note that with an Index import, you must not delete the original images (except for unwanted ones), else data will be lost in the database.

Perfect. That’s what I was looking for. Thank you so much.


If I already have a folder created (in the non-indexing scenario) of files I want to delete from my computer entirely, is there a simple route to delete them, or will I need to go back through and index those sections of my computer?

I’m not sure I understand. Are you talking about a group of images in the first database you created, or are you talking about a folder of images in the Finder?

I’m talking about a folder I’ve created in my database in DEVONthink, that contains files that I want deleted from the Finder; I’ve used DEVONthink to find and organize those files into one place for mass deletion.

As you had Imported (copied) the files into your database, there remains no link between your database files and the original image files in the Finder.

So deleting files in your database logically cannot have an impact on files in the Finder.

Your group of files that you would like to delete can only serve as a list of files to delete from the Finder.

Note that if you had created the image database by Indexing images, deletion of files in the database can result in deletion of files in the Finder, if you confirm that you wish to delete the files from disk.

I was afraid you’d say that. I didn’t do the indexing option because I used DEVONthink to make a database of my images and many images are now in more than one folder. But that makes sense.

Thanks again.

Is there a way to delete the files directly instead of moving the to the trash?
In windows e.g. this is possible by pressing the Shift-Key additional when using the delete function.

No, this is not possible but the request is noted.