Deleting from Mobile Sync

When I delete an item in Mobile Sync, (DEVONtyhink Pro Office) it is not deleted on my iPad, am I missing something?

I encountered this consistently when I was trying to make DEVONthink to Go work for me. What I found, and this was some time ago, was that to get this to work I had to move the items to the trash, sync, then empty the trash, and sync again. Just moving the items to the trash, deleting them, then syncing would orphan them in DEVONthink to Go nearly 100% of the time.

The trash did used to be a problem. However, DTTG works fine deleting the content from my iPad whether I empty the trash or not. Supposedly, this bug with the trash was fixed a few months ago. That said, just because it works for me doesn’t mean that it is going to work for someone else, who might have some combination of factors that is causing the bug to appear.

I’d start a support ticket. Or, delete the app and reinstall. This has done the trick for other problems with other apps. iOS is funky and frustrating at times.

Thanks folk for your help—I have a more serious problem which could be related with the application for which I have a support ticket ongoing and hopefuly this will be sorted out.

I’m running across this now as well.

A group that ought to be deleted is still showing up on my iPad (trash is emptied in DTPO, but no luck). Perhaps this is related, but in addition, when I synced earlier today, some files that should have been there were missing on the iPad from a different group (not the same one I am trying to delete). I don’t remember this happening before. It’s kind of a mess. I don’t know what is going on, but I guess in the morning I’ll just delete the app from my iPad and start again. I’ll file a support ticket as well when I get a chance.

I just noticed this happening to me as well.

DTPO to DTTG (iPhone) - Rich Text file. At first I just wanted to remove the internal link to OmniFocus and noticed that the link was not removed.

Then I move the group out of the Mobile Sync Group and the RTF file is still on my phone.

I added a ticket but have been trying different approaches and I found one that works for me…

I added a new group with a single RTF file in it. Then placed that group in the Mobile Sync group.

I did a sync and it replaced the contents on my iPad and iPhone with the Test group.

I then moved the same test group to other databases and after each sync, the contents that couldn’t be deleted were gone.