Deleting indexed Files doesn´t work??


when i try to delete some indexed files from DTPO (1.3), a dialog asks me to decide “delete entry” or “delete entry & file” (sorry, i use the german version)
But the option “delete entry & file” leaves the indexed file untouched in his folder

  • bug or feature??


Mario, as you noted, there are two options presented when one wants to delete an Indexed file from the database.

One can choose to delete the item only from the database, leaving the external file to which the entry was linked still intact in the Finder.

Or one can choose to delete both the database content of the file and the external file itself. In the latter case, the external file is moved to the Trash and should remain there until the Trash is emptied. (Spotlight will still ‘see’ the file as long as it remains in the Trash.)

The option to delete both the database content and the external file does work for me in version 1.3.

Before you delete another indexed file from your database, select it and open the Info panel. Check the Path to the external file, and verify that the external file is in the correct location in the Finder. Now go ahead and delete the file from the database and also the external file on disk. Check to see if the external file was moved to the Trash.

If the Path to the external file is correct but it is not deleted when you choose that option, please send a message to us in Support.

Files are only deleted if there are no other items in the database still referencing them.