Deleting Indexed items

It is: See this answer in a thread I posted in December: trash is excluded from search, even when using Scope:Trash. Feel free to add your +1 to my original request :see_no_evil:

The trash is always excluded from searching.

Thanks Zeppo. While I agree the wording is debatable (as I said in my OP), that is no longer the crux of this thread for me. The crux is why I am being presented with that dialogue at all, when I only have one type of file, indexed, in my Trash.

Trash is excluded from search; there is no way to circumvent this behaviour. As such, if you want to determine whether there are any imported records in your trash, you will have to do so manually.

What about Jims suggestion Tools > Filter > Info as shown in my screenshots above. Seems to work

Jup, sorry, missed that when skimming through the thread.

That’s what I thought I remembered but since Trash was shown as the selection in the scope bar, I wasn’t sure if the behavior has changed.