Deleting notes on DTTG

This thread is about deleting notes on DTTG.

I’ve been using Goodreader as one of my two organizational tools on the iPad (along with iFile). I hadn’t tried using its text editor before, so just tried it.

When done creating a short text file, I opened it in DTTG where is appeared in the global in box. When I view the file and decide to delete it, I click the trash basket icon in DTTG, at the top of the right panel that displays the text, I then get the “Delete Item” pop-up and I click the Delete button. But it doesn’t delete… in either landscape or portrait mode. How do I delete a file that was send from Goodreader?

(I just wrote a text file from within DTTG and the same thing happens. Can’t delete it.)

That is very strange, we will investigate. Can you give me the exact steps that lead to such a non-deletable document, please?

Landscape view on iPad (not that this is important)

In global inbox, I click the “+” at bottom of panel and choose “text”. I type one word in the edit panel and click “save”.

The word appears as the file name in the left panel (global inbox). In the right panel (editor) the file is still displayed. I click the trash can and “Delete Item” pop-up window appears. I tap the delete button. The window disappears, but the file (made up of the one word I entered earlier) is still there. In the left panel, the file is still listed. It hasn’t been deleted.

Oh, I’ll try shutting down the iPad (not sleep, a full shutdown) and restarting it… Nope, can’t delete the file.

If it’s any help, I have about 100 pdf files (bills I scanned on my mac, to DTPO) in the global in box.

I can confirm that following the same procedure I can’t delete the item by clicking on the trash icon. However, sliding over the name in the left panel brings up the red delete button and that does work.

Thanks, that worked.

Aha, that makes sense. I’ll look at this issue.

Fixed for the next release.

More Noob stuff: How do you delete items on the iPhone DTTG? I somehow synced a bunch of empty folders that I don’t even remember putting into DevonThinkPro from my global inbox onto my iphone and there seems to be no way to delete them. It’s got to be something simple, right?

Answering my own question (but just in case anybody else is wondering): You can delete files on the iPhone by resetting DTTG in the Settings App on the iPhone. (Took me a while to find this in the forums.)