Deleting replicants


I have a question about deleting or resolving replicants:

If I delete a replicant (CMD + Delete) is then the original file also deleted?

I found this post about this.Here it is probably described that this would not be the case.

But my question now is: What happens when the recycle bin is emptied or the file is deleted from the recycle bin?

Is then the original file also gone?

Thanks a lot

Sorry. Can’t add a hyperlink.

https:// discourse.devontechnologies. com/t/deleting-original-or-replicant/19462

There is no „original“ with replicants. Think of pointers to the same physical entity – removing one doesn’t modify the other nor the entity. Only if the last replica is deleted, the entity is no longer accessible.

There is no “original file,” but I think I follow your question.

If you want the item that has replicants gone for good… right-click it, then hold down Option and the “send to trash” option will include the replicants.