Deleting tags in tags view put files in trash


I wanted to clean up tag “duplicates” (same word in upper and lower case, an inconsistency that bothered me) and resorted to deleting them in the tags view (select - backspace). Now my trash holds folders with the name of the tags containing the files that were tagged with the corresponding tags that I wanted to delete. I did not want to delete the files, just remove the unwanted tags.
Now in the location field, some of the files in the trash still show their original location (which makes me think that they are not really in the trash) while other files show their location as in the trash.
I moved some of the latter files back in to the inbox of the database (move to) and they’re now showing as replicates of files with a location in the trash. So now I’m really confused.
Is there any way to undo this, to move the files in the trash back to their old location and just have the tags deleted? Or do I have to copy the respective files back from the trash? And what about the files that are shown in the trash but say their location is elsewhere - can I trust them?

Any hints greatly appreciated.

Unless you created files directly in the Tags goups (which you shouldn’t!), the Tags Groups contain replicants of the files. Deleting the Tags Groups does not delete the files. They delete the replicants used for Tagging.

Ah, thanks for clearing up the matter.
It looked confusing, finding several hundred files in my trash after deleting a bunch of tags. But, yes, all the files are still there.

No problem. Happy deleting! :mrgreen:

I’ve recently had a similar problem, and I wonder if it’s because the tags are imported from macOS – so I have thousands of items that were tagged “Active” via Hazel and then were imported into DTPO. When I try to delete “Active” all of the files so labeled are moved to Trash, with no instances retained in my main database. Can you perhaps suggest a workaround for this? (I’ve removed the Hazel operation now too…) Thanks!

What does your Hazel rule do? You’re describing abnormal behavior.

It just tags (with regular macOS tags) items that are added to the Downloads folder since the last time they were downloaded. I added things to DTPO from the Downloads folder, and from elsewhere on my hard drive, without removing the “Active” tag, so that tag got imported into DTPO too. Is that the info you were asking for? Thanks a lot!

FWIW I have seen exactly the same unexpected deletion of files when deleting a tag that had been created in MacOS and imported with files.

You are both describing abnormal behavior.

  1. File Tagged in the Finder.
  2. Drag and drop into database (ie. imported). Tag is imported into Tags group.
  3. Delete Tag. Tag and its replicant appear in the database’s Trash. Imported file remains intact.
  4. Empty database’s Trash. File still remains intact.