Delicious Importer Bug

I had the Delicious importer script working perfectly with my delicious account. Then, I migrated to another account, and the script failed to import any bookmarks. My guess is that there is an issue with Delicious accounts that are linked to or originate as a Yahoo account; the account that worked was an original Delicious account and the one that does not was originally a Yahoo account. Any ideas? Thanks!

Any chance I could access your account to debug this?

My Yahoo account? I don’t think I’d feel comfortable with that actually. I have a lot of stuff going through that account. Does the Delicious importer script normally work with Yahoo accounts? Is there anything else I can do to help?

The script has been written for & only tested with accounts. But I don’t know whether Yahoo accounts are supported by the API.

Okay. Yeah, I figured. Any chance Yahoo accounts will get added to the script anytime soon?

As that’s the first request of its kind, it’s unlikely at the moment.

I would like to second this request, I have exactly the same issue. I delicious account that needs to be accessed through the Yahoo login and therefore DTPO does not import the bookmarks. I think this is quite a common scenario for many delicious users.