Description of DA on app store & website is severely lacking

After looking at your website, the app store and watching your video, I still have no idea how DA actually works in action. Where can I see an actual workflow? How can I find out how good it is for my needs? There’s no list of comparative features, just a short description. I think you’re doing your app a great disservice to make it so brief and without a more instructional video. Your website looks great, is splashy, but doesn’t provide enough information – not by a long shot. I downloaded the Lite version but it gives me no indication of how Express or Pro work. There is no mention of a trial version. Because I have DT, I suspect that DA is amazing, but can’t figure out what the features actually are or how effective or fast it is. I’ve finally downloaded the manual so I can figure it out there. But really, please do yourself a favor and show more info on your website.

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go here and click on download at the top of the page - certainly the pro version downloaded there is a 30 day trial

damn it oh dear - look what you’ve made me do… I had always ignored DA (I mean, I know how to search, what do I need DA for) - but looking to respond in detail to your post (which I acknowledge I actually didn’t) I went on the look for videos and a trial version. Found the trial version, used it loads the last few days and yeah, guess what DEVONtech, there’s more of my money coming your way :see_no_evil:

More to the point: I agree with the OP that DT might want to consider providing more information on DA - it probably has a pretty wide range of use-cases making specific details difficult - but I’m pretty sure users here would be able to help out with a two-sentence-what-do-you-use-DA-for. Signposting the trial versions might also be helpful.

So, what’s my use-case? I translate medical literature. Whilst I speak the two languages in question fluently and am a medical expert, I’m prone to using wording or terms in my translations which might not be typical of the language I am translating into. Previously, when I have felt that has happened, I have used my wording as a search term in one or two search engines. Often times I have come across articles using similar wording only to find that they have been written exclusively by non-native speakers. Whilst that tells me that I’m making the same mistakes as others, it doesn’t help me find the right wording. Using DA I perform the same search; using visualised search results I can then see words commonly associated with the terms I am using - for me that is often enough to trigger faded memories and reword my sentence in a more “native” fashion. As such, DA has joined my wide range of tools - it doesn’t replace anything - but it is certainly going to speed some things up. More fun to come when I read the manual, I’m sure :smiley:


there’s more of my money coming your way :see_no_evil:

Woohoo!! SCORE!!!.. um, I mean “Thank you for your support and patronage.” :stuck_out_tongue: