Description of How AI Works in DEVONthink Pro 2

I have used the earlier version of DEVONthink Pro but probably didn’t take full advantage of it. I just upgraded to DEVONthink Pro 2 (not the office version), and I would love some examples about how the AI features work in real-world situations.

Also if you import PDFs into DEVONthink Pro 2, can the application use the AI function if the OCR functionality isn’t there? I am kind of confused by all this.

Thanks in advance!

If you can select or search text in a PDF, it does’t need OCR. But if the PDF is merely a picture of text, OCR is required to make the PDF searchable.

The AI features such as Classify and See Also analyze the contextual relationships of the words in a document and compare them to the contextual relationships of the other documents in a database.

These features become more and more useful as you populate a database.

Let’s talk about ‘Classify’ first. You have to initially create groups that contain related documents. As you create and populate groups, the database analyzes these relationships of documents within groups, in terms of their text content.

Now, when you add a new document, you can click on the ‘magic hat’ symbol in the navigation bar above the document pane and a sidebar will display a list of suggested groups that may be appropriate for that document. (Classify) If you agree with one of the selections, click on it to move the document into that group. As your database grows, and if you are reasonably consistent in the way you organize material, you will find that Classify gets better over time. It’s looking at patterns of word usage in that new document and comparing it to patterns of word usage among documents in the various groups in your database.

Also in the sidebar you will see a list of documents that are possibly similar in contextual patterns of their words. (See Also) Whether you are a scientist or a historian, remember that DEVONthink doesn’t hold a degree in your specialty and, in fact, knows nothing about science or history or any other discipline. But DEVONthink is very good at looking at frequencies and patterns of word usage, and if it detects similarities of these kinds among documents it will suggest them.

It’s up to the human user to decide if the suggestions made by See Also are useful to you. Some of them may seem useless. But I often find new relationships between ideas that I hadn’t thought of.

An example that I talk about is a suggestion made by See Also when I was reading a paper about ecological impacts of invasive species on native populations. One of the suggestions was another paper in my database about factors that affect the equilibria of chemical reactions. That was a very fruitful suggestion, as similar quantitative principles are in play and it got me thinking about how populations of organisms are dynamically related to factors such as food and habitat resources, and likewise to competition with other organisms for those resources. .

Bill’s note is so good I clipped it into my DTPO daybook database. :smiley:

Thanks, Bill. Your response is exactly what I was hoping for! :smiley:

I just upgraded to DTPO, and is there any way to get its OCR capabilities to decipher PDFs that were inputted beforehand, when I just had DESKTOP?

I have several typed letters of my grandfather’s that I would like to make searchable, but I don’t see where I can access OCR capabilities unless I’m scanning in a new doc.

Thanks in advance!

Go to Data/Convert/To Searchable PDF. That will convert your pdfs to pdf and text.


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Christian, Annard and Eric have been busy working in the code mines; more neat features coming along.

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