Detect rtfd inline attachments vs non-inline attachments?

I’m using the code snippet below to extract attachments from an e-mail message (by converting it to rich). I’m no RTF expert, but in e-mail message it’s possible to check if something is an inline or non-inline attachment. Is this also possible in (converted) RTF documents?

if type of theRTF is rtfd then
	set thePath to path of theRTF
	tell text of theRTF
		if exists attachment in attribute runs then
			tell application "Finder"
				set filelist to every file in ((POSIX file thePath) as alias)
				repeat with theFile in filelist


There aren’t non-inline attachments in RTFD files.

There is the appleembedtype0 denoting an attachment is in the file.
And there are HYPERLINKs.

I’ve created a workaround when importing e-mail attachments to use Python for this. See here for the script used: Separate imported e-mail attachments for better search V2