Detecting Active Columns with Applescript

I am thinking about modifying this script - Export to Aeon Timeline - by @korm so that it is a more generalized report generator rather than limited only to specific fields.

Is it possible in Applescript to detect which generic and custom metadata fields are currently selected for viewing? My goal would be to loop through all of those currently visible fields so those are the ones which are placed in the exported .csv file. Is this doable?

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I encourage you to start from scratch rather than try to edit a script I wrote almost 8 years ago for a completely different version of DEVONthink and a completely different version of Aeon. That script is defunct and pointless and should be ignored. For example – there was nothing near a concept of custom metadata 8 years ago.

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That is reasonable - but do you know if it is possible in Applescript to detect the columns/fields which are currently in use in a given document view?

No, you can’t get the columns shown in the item listing.

OK - is it possible to iterate the export of fields so all fields and all custom metadata is exported? Then I could select the desired fields in whatever reporting software I use or create? Without having to manually list the name of each regular and custom metadata field?

A really complicated KeyboardMaestro macro that uses the KM actions that recognize graphical elements on a screen could probably do this.