devon academy update?


I checked today and the Devon Academy is not updated for 2.x. Any progress report?



We’re currently working on DEVONagent 2.5 and DEVONthink To Go 1.0 but plan to reintroduce the academy in a different, more useful way afterwards.

It would be nice if the “more useful way” includes in depth FAQs, suggested best practices, and perhaps links, for topics that occur repeatedly in the forum. In other words, a better way to access forum wisdom than the in-built PHPBB search feature, which isn’t always helpful.

Count me in if you’re looking for outsiders to preview it.

I couldn’t agree more, of course. :slight_smile:

For me it’s increasingly challenging to find, and sometimes refer people to, specific posts/threads so I can imagine how difficult it is especially for infrequent visitors to cull information of interest and value from here. It reenforces the argument that forums are primarily intended for discussions (typically short term), not to serve as longer-term knowledge bases.

That’s a different story but we’re already working on a solution and it will be as easy as typing “forum your-search-term” in DEVONagent’s address bar. And it will be fast… usually less than 0.002s.

Plus easy to use features to broaden/narrow the search and of course supporting the wildcards/operators of DEVONagent/think. Probably later this year and already working very well - I haven’t used the forum’s own search for many months :wink: