Devon Academy

Hi folks,

I do have to say I am a bit disappointed that Devon Academy has still not been updated to the new Version…

Since I stopped using DTP 1.x some time ago (and had several looks at the evolving betas) there is still a lot to learn / start anew in DTP 2.x. So I hoped for some systematic help (more than the manual or the forum).

So please make that a (high) priority thing!

regards, Rolf

thanks for the feedback! And the DEVONacademy will not only be updated, it will be revised a lot but this needs some more time.


any news about the academy and its update yet? I saw that the upcoming ebook is due March 25…

Related to this: you still offer material which is DTP 1.x, like the ToDo-database. What I find missing (besides not targeted at 2.x) are scripting for this to:

  1. move completed stuff to an archival folder-structure (by year/month/date)
  2. put stuff into due folders automagically

you get the idea…