Devon Agent 3.0pb3 hanging

I just updated by Devon Agent to the new v3 public beta and it has just hung my MacBook Air twice - I had to restart both times. Something I have never had to do before. Mac version is OSX 10.6.7. I just reverted to the pb2 version and all works fine. Any ideas?

What exactly did you do? Did you only launch DEVONagent? Is there anything special about your system (e.g. haxies/hacks like input managers, color pickers, scripting additions, Parallels/VMWare)? Has been anything logged to the system console, does it work using a new user account? Thanks in advance!

I wonder if this update could matter for other apps besides iTunes:

Mac OS X v10.6.7 Supplemental Update for 13" MacBook Air (Late 2010)

I just started the Devon Agent application and started a search going. No special hacks on my machine, colour pickers, scripting additions or Parallels/VMware.

Does this still happen and did you install the above update? Did you use the menu extra or a search window for the search?

I just had it freeze my machine as well. I’m on 10.6.6, plenty of RAM.

I’ve just downloaded the beta, and I’m pretty excited with it. I’m a DTP user, but I’ve never tried DA. However I guess I got carried away. I did a deep search.

It was taking a while, and I was reading one result while it was still searching, and the fans on the MBP going full blast. I did command-tilde to see what was going on in the window behind the one I was reading in. After that things went downhill. I got the spinning psychedelic pizza, and that wouldn’t go away. I pretty much lost user input, but at one point I was able to switch to safari. I thought maybe I could do some web browsing while D.A. caught up with itself and gave some CPU back. But I couldn’t do anything in safari, and the machine was frozen. I gave it over 6 minutes, but it never recovered. Forced a shutdown. Unfortunately I had an unsaved document open too in textmate.

I don’t think I’ll try a deep search again.

I’ve done a 3-level deep search on my MacBook Air using DA pb3, without a problem. During the search the Air warmed up a bit, but the fans were certainly not going full blast.

I had already installed the update noted by sjk.