Devon Agent Personal 2

I have been using the beta version of Devon Agent Pro3 but previously used version 2, I do not want at this time to pay for DAP3 but continue with DA2 when I put the licence code for 2 into 3 this message pops up:

The entered license code is not valid for this application but it is for DEVONagent Personal 2.x. Please download and install DEVONagent Personal 2.x which will happily accept this license code.

But nowhere on Devon’s site can I find this version> Any idea from where I can download DEVONagent Personal 2 please?

Version 2.3.1 can be found in the legacy downloads: … at=19#a125


I bought DevonAgent with my DevonThink Pro Office. I had thought it was DevonAgent Pro and have been downloading the updates, when they come to me. I suppose due to the last update, DevonAgent will not work because it is asking for the license code. When I enter my license, I get the message for DevonAgent Personal above.

Should I contact customer service?

To purchase an upgrade simply visit the product page and point with the mouse at the Buy button. Choose “Buy as a upgrade” from the appearing pop-over.

I used your link a few months ago when I was locked out of my DevonAgent Pro 2.x due to my computer upgrading to DevonAgent Pro 3.x.

I am again locked out for the same reason, but the above link no longer works.

  1. can you provide a link so that I can get my 2.x back?

  2. Why does this keep happening? I have only owned the Devon products for a year and I have gone through this twice.

To download DEVONagent 2.x please simply visit our Legacy download page. This URL has changed when we redesigned our website half a year ago.

Have you accidentally installed version 3? Or did you clean-sweep your Preference folder which can remove the license file? What exactly happened and which version do you have installed?

The new version that seems to have installed itself was 3.2. I do not recall what version I had before, except that it was version 2.x.

I did not do anything other than use the program in that most basic manner.

Thanks for your help.

Perhaps in the rush of work, I see the “New Version” window and click install, not realizing that the new version is not simply a free update to 2.x

Two further problems:

  1. There is no Legacy version of DevonAgent Pro 2x. I had DevonAgent Pro, I’d like to get it back.

  2. How do I stop the pop-up window asking me to upgrade to DevonAgent Pro3?

I’m pretty sure there has never been a v2 (or v1) called “Pro”. At least my invoice on the “Infoworker’s Pro Bundle” does not show a DA 2 Pro-license, it shows a license for DA2.
DA went Pro with v3, when also DA Express and DA Lite were introduced.

So you could go on and download the v2.3.1 you have been pointed you to from the legacy versions downloads page.

DEVONagent > menu bar > DEVONagent > Preferences:

  1. That must be what happened: I purchased the Pro Bundle, but only DT was Pro at the time.

  2. Thanks.