DEVON Agent starts automatically

DEVON Agent starts automatically, even though I do not have “start at login” checked in Preferences. How do I stop it?


Do you have a scheduled Search Set?

Thanks, Jim. I don’t think so, but I don’t know how to check. I’ve looked through the menu and checked preferences for a way but find nothing.

It’s unlikely you have a scheduled search set running, if you’re unaware of the ability. Did you check System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items?

Thanks, Jim. Not there, either.

Open Window > Search Sets, select a Set in the lefthand pane, then select the Schedule Tab. Down arrow through the sets looking for one that has been scheduled to run.

Thanks. Found it. A search on the name appearing the search field when DA starts was scheduled for daily. Doesn’t matter how that happened, but I’m curious.

Not sure, but that should make it behave now. :smiley: