Devon Agent won't download PDF to DevonThink

I searched the User Forum for help and was advised to delete the Adobe PDFviewer plug-in from Library, which I did. But the problem remains: When I select Add to DevonThink to download a pdf from DA to DT, it “acts” like it works, but the download doesn’t “show up” in DT. Help?

Two quick possibilities:

After first installing the DEVONthink and DEVONagent applications (in the Applications folder), it is necessary to logout/login or restart to initialize Services.

The PDF is being sent to your Global Inbox, but it isn’t visible. Choose View > Show Sidebar.

Thanks … I’m at the tail end of an online backup process, and when it’s finished (a couple of hours left), I’ll restart everything and see if that fixes it.

Footnote after restart: All is well … Thanks again for the help. FJC

Try searching DT for it. It’s possible that it went somewhere you didn’t expect.

Also, try a different PDF from a different site. I’ve had trouble with some PDFs due to DRM restrictions of various kinds.