Devon and non-writable PDF's

First of all PDF are usually encrypted for 2 reasons: Protection for security/privacy/evidence or user nativity/ignorance. If the reason is the first then you are in violation of the protection which essentially makes you a hacker. If it is the latter then this is likely a sure proof method that will totally ignore all protection:

  • Use the free App Onyx to change the screenshot output to PDF in the parameter section or use the low-cost App Sharpshooter menu item that allows renaming the screenshot on the fly and changing the file type and save location as well.
  • Take a screenshot of each page that is now in, or can be saved in PDF format, depending on the above tool used.
  • Merge them (multiple pages) into a single file with preview and save
  • Import into DevonThink.

OMG. It’s not that deep, as my 15 year old would say. I should be able to annotate anything I want too. Encrypted or not. I am not changing the data. I am simply trying annotate a document, a document I can read. What is an encrypted PDF? What does it mean to have an encrypted PDF. If I can read it, it is not encrypted. If I can read it I should be able to annotate it, or have my friend Banksy add a little graffiti to it.

This thread, which is heading down something of a rabbit hole, is simply about why DevonThink is different to the other 3-4 apps I used. I thought it might be a bug, @cgrunenberg answered my question. I am OK with his answer. Not happy. but hey… it’s their software and their policies they can do as they please. DevonThink has always evolved in ways that help me, so I’m chill. As for being a hacker for removing the encryption on a PDF… well… Since the end of February I have spent a lot of time with Kali, and trust me… removing encryption on a PDF doth not a hacker make.

Strongly suggest admins… lock this thread.