Devon is working without the application?

Well I don’t mean to be silly but I have a strange situation.

The application icon in the application folder had the familiar white circle with a bar through it.
Any yet the databases are open and working.
I closed the application and still had the white circle in the applications folder.

I wondered if an update process had somehow moved the application and so I did a search for “Devon” and Kind=Application, searching “This Mac” - Nothing. Just in case I also tried “DEVON” and Kind=Application but still nothing.
Clearly the application must be present and functioning correctly since I could then reopen databases and everything resumed as normal, but there is still a white circle in the applications folder.

Has any one come across the behavior and hence does anyone know how to fix it.


It could be that the icon cache is messed up. Have you rebooted your Mac?

Thanks for your response.

Yes, doesn’t make any difference.

Are you saying you cannot find the DEVONthink application but you can open databases?

Have you rebuilt the launch services database? (Google it – there are lots of sites explaining what to do – or use something like Onyx.)

Thx for your response.
As originally noted if I do a search using the Finder and set the conditions as “Devon” and Kind=Application, then nothing is returned.
This doesn’t make any sense to me and this is why I was asking if anyone had run into this problem before.

I suggest searching for “DEVONthink” or “” (I don’t know what edition of DEVONthink you have). Don’t use the “Kind==Application” predicate – in Mavericks, and perhaps earlier, it causes Spotlight to do strange things. Using the “.app” extension is sufficient.

When an app is running, the icon should appear in the Dock, and right-clicking the app icon will give you Options > Show in Finder