"Devon not supported on this architecture"

What the? I’m a Mac (10.5.X) user, using DevonThink Pro for 6 months. Recently, outta the blue I get a weird icon for Devon, and the message you see in the subject of this post.

Has anyone got an idea what happened? I didn’t have a crash. Has anyone had a similar incident?

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I think that message means that you are trying to run either a Power PC based application on Intel architecture (or vice versa). DevonThink is a universal application, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Have you ever used X-slimmer or something like it? I did some research on that a while ago and decided that the amount of memory I would save on my harddrive wasn’t worth the potential hassle.

Seems that the installation of the application is broken, just download it again from our website (devon-technologies.com/download).

Don’t know what X-slimmer is, but I don’t think I’m running anything new.

Yup. That did it. Thank you very much.

That said, I’ve never had this experience with any other app. What gives? What was the cause? Anyone know?