Devon Notes: floating window

where can i find this new feature in Devon Notes:

Option to float main windows above other applications, useful for dragging contents to a note from other applications.



I believe it’s Windows > Keep Windows in Front (select to check/uncheck).

I keep a single DEVONnote window open, and it does indeed float over all other applications. When not in use, click the yellow button to minimize it to the Dock – and click on the icon in the Dock to pop the window back up again.

Although I’m a heavy DEVONthink Professional user, I’ve adopted DEVONnote as a useful accessory that’s always available for note-taking when I’m working in other applications (or even in DT Pro). If I wish, I can transfer the DN notes to DT Pro – either by copy/paste or by exporting the DN note and then importing it into DT Pro.

oh. i get it. thank you! it is a wonderfull und usefull thing for me!

Mee too. I use DEVONthink a lot. but for working directly on webpages DEVONnotes with the described function to keep in front of webpages fits much better.


You may also transfer notes from DN to DT by drag-and-drop. It doesn’t work for folders and their contents, but you may select multiple entries and drag them into DT, and they retain their original labels. I also use DN as a first-level note-taker and later sort out the entries into appropriate locations in DT.

Am curious why DT Pro doesn’t yet have this useful feature that the much cheaper DEVONnote has?

Actually there are several reasons:

  1. The floating groups panel should be much more useful as a drag & drop destination
  2. There are usually more and larger windows in use by DT (Pro)
  3. DEVONnote implemented this to check if there’s really a need for such a feature :wink:

Anyway, hopefully the windows of v2 will use less space and add this option.

I agree, the Groups palette is fantastic! I would love some better control over its visibility, float-level, and size, however.

Essentially I would love to see the Groups palette pick up as much DragThing like functionality as possible: Be able to minimize to a small chiclet, able to maximize when something is dragged over it, then re-minimize when the drop is complete, et cetera.

Points well taken, and the Groups panel is great, but that does not allow you to float a window of textual info, just groups… the way I see it they serve two very different functions. Glad to know it’s being considered for the future though, I think it will make a lot of users happy.

Like me (yes, I’m flogging a dead horse! But I really want this feature in DT Pro. Can you tell??)!


I agree. Having a floating notes window would be immensely useful.