Devon ProOffice Duplicate PDFs created in Pictures folder Ma

I have search the FAQs and forums, and am posting here now.

Can anyone explain why I have duplicate scanned images appearing in my Picture folder on my Mac after using Devon Pro Office?

Tnx, Jason

When scanning is complete your scanner software will save the resulting PDF to a designated location. DT Pro Office 2 will OCR that file and produce a searchable PDF that’s stored in a database.

DTPO2 Preferences > OCR provides a user-selectable option to ‘Move original document to Trash’. If checked, the image-only PDF will be deleted after OCR.

Hi Bill - that tip of yours above was really helpful. for the longest time I thought that that pref meant all originals (other files that were not recently-scanned files) so I never thought to toggle it on in the fear of losing files. :blush:

Thank you :slight_smile: