Devon THINK and/or NOTE - First notes -First questions

Involved in info and documents managements, DevonThink seems to meet my wishes. During the tests, I can do some observations :

  1. why when searching image with word “logo” logo-fr.gif is found but not logoNlxA.gif -(found with logonl)-(fuzzy or exact search)

  2. when (during test) printing from DEVON to DEVON via pdf button of print sheet - applescript editor is called to show an error - or nothing or message. (I wanted to transform a link in pdf)
    2b) If PDF service is launched but DT not launched - the app is launched but nothing because the database is not selected - Is there a way to choose the default database ?

  3. Think don’t use the spotlight comment and how through spothlight to search in the THINK comment attached to a doc… why the way to add a comment is not attached to the contextual menu or actions for this docs - in complement with group and tags, comments are very important in info management.

  4. Devonnote

When adding by hand a new link : the space (and font size) in the left column is very tiny !

  1. both: - even at origin different, or different in behaviour with rtfd doc, NOTE or THINK seem to be redundant - what is your thinking ?
    UI is sometime confused and it seem far from the UI rules of cocoa. Size fonts are not changeable…

Hope these remarks can be helpful and generating answer!

Best regards

(tested in english on 10.4.3 TI pwb)[/b]

Search operators All Words or Any Words look for whole words. Selecting Fuzzy will pick up similar spellings. The Phrase operator would have picked up logoNixA.gif, especially teamed with Ignore case. Example: For the string “complic” Phrase would find complicate, complicated, complicates, complication, complications.

The script “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt” wasn’t saved properly. Locate it in /YourUserName/Library/PDF Services and double-click on that script. It will open under Script Editor. Simply save it again to the same location. Now it will work properly.

Yes, you should designate a default database. Here’s how:
Open the database you want to open each time DT Pro is launched.

Select File > Database Properties. At the top of the Database Properties panel, select the “default” option. Now it will be opened each time DT Pro is launched, so there will be an open database to receive data from Services or a script.

DT Pro imports into the Info Comment field any Spotlight comment that has been added prior to the import.

Adjust the font and size, if you wish, using Preferences > General, then pressing the Select button for List Views Font change.

Sorry, I don’t understand the question.

We think the UI is simple and consistent with Cocoa. Fonts are chosen and sizes changed using the standard Cocoa Font panel. When editing, press Command-T to bring up that panel. :slight_smile: