Devon Think and Papers

I am thrilled to be able to use DT3 to index Papers, but wish I could see the article title in the database. Is there anyway to do this? Instead, I see a string of letters such E7A34C55 etc.

Highlight the desired article title and then choose Edit-Set Name As

OMG–is there anything better than having a technology itch scratched? THANK YOU!!!

Also available in the contextual menu, Edit > Set Name as, or Control-Command-I.

Thanks again. Do you know if there’s a way to set name with the ipad app? I experimented a bit but didn’t find one.

Hi @gvbarnes, as I’ve just mentioned in another thread, you could try my Papers to DEVONthink script. This should index the PDF(s) of all paper(s) selected in your Papers library in DEVONthink, and set the name to the paper’s citekey and title. The script will also transfer many other properties.

Note that if you’re using Mojave and above, you may need to copy the script’s script code into a new ScriptEditor app window, and run it from there.

This sounds like a winner! So, I should delete the existing Papers database and start fresh?

Skimmed the directions and it indicates that each publication will become a group? I have 800 articles—that sounds very cumbersome. (Perhaps I’ve misunderstood. . )

Yes, that’s correct. The reason for this is that the script’s intended purpose really is to export all the annotations made in Papers. So your case is slightly different from that, since you’re only interested in transferring the PDFs and some metadata. But the script could surely be adopted to your case, so that it skips creating groups. However, I’m currently on the road and my time is limited right now. I may be able to look at this later, though.

In any case, I would just try it out (in a newly created test database) with a few papers and see how it fits your purpose.

It definitely intrigues me. Thanks for your help.