Devon Think Pro activation by link not working

Hey Devonians,

I just bought a Devon Pro license via stack social. They provided a link to download Devon Think Pro and another link that will register the program.

Download worked, the registration link will start Devon think Pro - but will not fill in any details into the registration box. I also tried to extract the details from the link, but I assume that the strings are encoded?

Is there any way I can convince Devon Think Pro to start working?

I’ve once took Devon Think Pro Office for a test drive. Might this test have left any preference files which I need to get rid of first?

Regards, Nils

Please contact sales here:

Is DEVONthink Pro Office still installed on your machine? You can find it with Spotlight. Only DEVONthink Pro should remain. In a worst case you could drag the activation link onto DEVONthink Pro’s icon in the dock so that the Finder explicitly opens it with the correct edition.