Devon think to go - more undo options please

Accidents do happen, and of course the reason why we have undo, right?

I’m in the process of ‘getting out of’ Raindrop (the bookmarking app) and moving everything into Devon think to go.

So today I’ve accidentally deleted a URL to a page I can never get back. While trying to place my text select on the part of the URL I needed, I pressed the X and the URL’s gone. Forever? I tried undo, I shook my ipad, I tapped with 3 fingers and pressed undo. I cannot get it back.
Fortunately I still have Raindrop but, as I say, trying to move.

Ordinarily, in most apps I would be able to click ‘Cancel’ and go back into the press and hold > info cycle to resume my URL post accident/mistake but this is not the case with Dtg. Any changes in the info edit panel are immediate and permanent; no save button just immediately committed changes. I mean, this workflow is great if we’re superhuman and never tired but… well, my URL’s gone.

The document was a PDF and I had pressed and held on the document and then Info to get to the documents originating URL but this simple accident has lost me something I would have liked to have kept a hold of and it’s these very tiny, very minute things that shake my foundations of trust when I’m considering using this as my shoebox app to save and organise all my things.

Of course, perhaps I should be more careful, I could have resorted to a complete backup of my DB but, ugh why is Devon think full of promise but when you get to the most simplest of functionality it’s not quite there but I’m so ultimately drawn to it; not wanting to give up. I feel like it’s a challenge.

For text fields it’s usually managed by iOS itself and we don’t do anything explicitly to keep it from working. I just tested it and it worked even after tapping the circled X button and then using the three-finger left swipe. So maybe it was more of a hiccup in the iOS undo mechanism…