devon widgets

i have noticed problems with widgets in osx 10.5.4 that relate to the clipboard.
while i can edit/copy from documents, once i invoke widgets i cannot paste.
consequently i cannot use the widgets in devonagent or other devon widgets.
is this problem unique to me? or are others noticing this suffrance?
i often use the saft loader for safari and i don’t know if this is the culprit.
i have noticed other clipboard problems with applications like nisuspro when i am running a java stub as terminal and nissus and i traced this to the os itself so i cannot be sure this isn’t also the case here.

You might want to remove Saft and check if it works afterwards. Over here I have no problems pasting text into the widgets.

I totally thought the subject of this thread was DEVONmidgets. Excuse me, I’ll see my own way out.

i don’t know much about devon midgets, but you might try googling the cardiff giant :laughing:
i have determined this clipboard problem is safari-related because i can paste into the da widget from firefox 3 using command-v but not from safari 3.1.2 without regard to employing saft as a launcher.

ps. annard, i wanted to ask you if you tested paste command with widgets on core duo or ppc platform.
i am using intel and i have found with other programs to have platform-based errors.
as an example real basic compiler had some powerpc bugs that i experienced using app ‘optimism’ on my last machine. i am only really trustful of apps built in xcode3.1

This was done on a PPC machine. But in general we test on both platforms since all of us have a mix of both types of machine.