DEVON3 or Apple Files?


I use DEVONthink on my MacBook Air and iPhone in a limited way, mainly to be able to access folders/files on my iPhone when away from my MBA. These are mainly my university study files including .PDF, .RTF, Pages and Numbers items. I also like to store web articles in DEVON.

I don’t Index them, just have a copy on both MBA Documents folder and in DEVONthink, and Sync via Bonjour, so nothing in iCloud.

This seems to be the best way of being able to view/read/edit files and although there is a duplication of files (Documents on MBA and in DEVONthink), is this a good way to work? I know I am duplicating things that way, but am I right in doing it? Is there a better way? (I suppose the answer is “do what is best for you”!

Anyway, I thought of using the Files App on iPhone and using the sync process from my MBA Documents folder but I don’t want all my Documents stored there, just selected ones. Apple seem to have made this process not very easy, and in comparison to DEVON it is not very good at all. Emails don’t open, some files (.RTF) don’t open, unless I am doing something wrong there.

DT offers the best of all worlds as far as the way I use it. And although I have bought DEVON, sometimes I think it is more than I need/want, but it does work for me, and I need to ensure I get more out of it.

I would appreciate any feedback from more experienced users of DEVON, and, I suppose, guidance on my usage and understand it is all down to personal preference at the end of the day. Nonetheless, any feedback would be welcome.


I see no particular issue with your current setup if it’s serving you well. And while I’m no fan of the (as it’s still buggy)_, you could create a folder in iCloud Drive on your Mac and put select files in it.

and I need to ensure I get more out of it.

If the application is working successfully for you, I don’t see why you “need to get more out of it”. Just having the potential for more functionality is its own reward. You can only go up from where you are… but only if you have a need or a desire to.

As I’ve often said, you can use DEVONthink in very simple or very complex ways.

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Thanks Bluefrog, ‘onwards and upwards’ as the saying goes.
Don’t think I’ll bother with Apple Files App now.

No problem :slight_smile: