DevonAcademy links missing?

I was looking at the DEVONacademy hoping see some example databases and some scripts but both of those links are not working.

Where are the examples located now?

The DEVONacademy tutorials, videos, etc. were for version 1.x. The material will be updated for the many changes in version 2.

20 months after an October-2010 posting:
What is the status of the project to update DevonAcademy examples?
Please consider incremental release of updates (and a prominent link).

I have 8 old DEVONthink examples (most with a 2006 date): Email, Images, Paperless, Project Management, Research, Simple Notepad, To-Do List, Web Publishing. An update to the Research example is my first preference; if the Web Publishing example is related to the web-server capability of DtPO, then it would be my second choice.


Are these what you’re looking for… Tips and Tutorials.

Video tutorials in the current Tips and Tutorials online page are probably updates of those provided in an old DEVONacademy section.

Second paragraph of my query asks about 8 database examples (files [packages] with “.dtBase” extension) which I have not yet found online now.