DEVONagent 2.0beta8

I just started using 2.0beta8 (never used the first beta - no time!). Congratulations to a much improved product!

Two comments:

  • Like many others, I wish I could edit the bookmark list and then make DA my default browser.

  • Am I being dumb or is it really impossible to change the titles of groups and pages in the archive?

Keep up the good work!

Christian has noted that bookmark management is planned.

But I’ve used DA as my default database for a long time, anyway. The addition of tabs makes that even easier, as one can have many tabs and DA remembers them when quit (if preferences are set accordingly).

It is possible to change the name of a group in the archive, but in my own archive I don’t want to do that.

Reason: Archive group names are the search strings used to perform the original search. So they make a good cue as to how the information was selected. More importantly, if one performs scheduled searches, the destination of subsequent search results in future searches will be clear.

Thanks for your comments!

How do you change the names of archive items? I’d expect it to work like in DT (or in the Finder), but nothing happens.

I agree that keeping the search string information is useful. However, I often want to change the titles of Web pages that I keep to something shorter, and I want to group searches together in higher-level groups. But when I create a new group, it’s called “Group N” and I cannot change it.

I should have been a bit more patient… because I can change the names of groups on my iBook at home, though not on my iMac in the office! Weird…

I cannot change the titles of the stored Web pages on either machine.

This one is a buglet: when I click on a group title to change it, DA interprets the number of contained items as part of the group name. Just pressing return adds it to the group name, and I have the number twice.

Thanks for the bug report, this will be fixed in the finale release. Please note that renaming archived material is currently impossible, only groups can be renamed.

DA is still buggy with the scanning tab. Yesterday it worked fine, I could choose all the different types of scanning for the drop-down menu. Today I can’t, I can’t even access the menu.

There’s a bug if DA is launched by an external application (e.g. clicking a link or a .webloc file) and opens therefore a browser on startup. The scanner popup of the “Objects” drawer of this browser does not work.

oh okay, that makes sense. I was launching it from DT.