DevonAgent and password managers

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is there any way how to make DevonAgent (and consequently also DevonThink) work with widely accepted password managers like LastPass or 1password? All my documentation is password-protected which makes it far more convenient to work with it from Safari … (the same hold true for password protected google docs)

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No, that’s not possible at the moment.

I see. Are there any plans to address this in the future?

The work would have to be done by AgileBits (maker of 1Password). Years ago, AgileBits made a browser extension that worked with DEVONagent. Then, they stopped supporting DEVONagent. As far as I can tell, there has been one posting since 2011 at AgileBit’s forum requesting DEVONagent support – so given the low consumer demand, it seems unlikely that we’ll see a return of 1Password support. But, you could always go to AgileBits and ask them.

I’ve been exploring this too. From the 1password support pages: … e-browsers

I see. I will try to submit a feature request to 1password.

Btw, what about iCloud Keychain?

I agree that this is something that should be addressed. Dashlane is my favorite manager and I will send a request to them also. I would switch to 1password if it worked in DA.

Many of my legal research resources are behind paywalls that require my username/password to login. As password manager is key. I know DA is a cousin of Safari, and has the extension features disabled. I am very curious if there is a way to enable for 1 additional extension?

Can I ask DT Devs to consider being clear about whether they will or can support credentials management for DT (into web browser etc)?

If you are interested then I’m not clear from the answers on Agilebits and here at DT who needs to do what to get 1Password working. But it appears to be a bit on DT to support extensions in their browser and a bit by Agilebits to use that facility.

The problem statement is that DT browser is great but designed at a time when the web was largely without walls. But is of increasingly limited research value when I have to cut and paste hundreds of credentials a day potentially between 1P and DT now the web is so disjointed.

I’m happy to consider other alternatives.

thanks Christian

Just following up on this thread and found the following on 1Password’s forum dated 8/14/15 from Drew_AG - AgileBits Team Member.

"Thanks for taking the time to contact us about this! Although I’m not very familiar with DEVONthink or their proper browser called DEVONagent, my understanding is that they do not support extensions (even though they’re both based on WebKit). I wasn’t able to find information about that on their website, but you may be able to confirm that yourself by checking to see if you can install any extensions in that browser.

If they release a new version of their web browser that supports extensions, perhaps we’ll be able to offer a 1Password extension for it. But for now it looks like that isn’t possible. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you about that! If you have more questions or need anything else, please do let us know."

Can I add my name O those who would like this please?

I’ve found a password workaround of sorts using Laspass. They have bookmarklets that can be accessed via the bookmark menu bar. If you’re using Safari bookmarks inside of Devonagent, you can drag the bookmarklets to the Safari menubar and they will become available in Devonagent. This is a link about the Lastpass bookmarklets:


Will the bookmarklets fill the password in when activated from within DA?

Yes. Works pretty slick.

Nice, zenpilot! :smiley:

I know its been quite a while since the last activity on this thread. Any updates?

This is still not possible. Announcements of this would be on our blog (especially as it would be quite a big deal).

Is it even being considered for a future update? Personally it would be a useful facility for me.

It is not a trivial matter and requires resources from the extensions’ developers. So, considered? Sure. Something coming soon? Probably not likely.

Any chance on this happening?

Nothing in particular to report at this time.