DevonAgent Browser and Keyboard Maestro

When I have a webpage open in Safari/Brave I have KM macro that gets the front browser’s current Title and URL → an html:

Unfortunately KM, doesn’t seem to recognize the DevonAgent as a valid browser.

Is there an elegant way to get KM to see DevonAgent as a browser? Or to open results from DevonAgent directly in Safari (which might be easier).

The only option is probably to use AppleScript.

Ok. Is there an elegant way to get DevonAgent to open all of its links in Safari?

The Open results setting doesn’t appear to be working…

Double-clicking a result still opens a DEVONagent browser window (on Catalina ATM).

tell application id "DNag" to set {webTitle, webURL} to {name, URL} of current tab of browser 1

That’s just a setting for the menu extra.

Ahh, yes. /facepalm