DevonAgent Browser won't open from menu

I’m going through tutorials on DevonAgent. Following the tutorial, DevonAgent browser won’t open using the menu command in DA.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but in all attempts can’t figure out why I can’t replicate tutorial. I’m using current version of DA, and Mac OS El Cap. Please advise.


Which menu command did you use? File > New Browser?


Does it work again after downloading the application again ( and replacing the installed version with the downloaded one?

I will try that and report back. Thank you.

DA still does not open a new browser.

I downloaded new copy and installed. Same behavior.

Other details: Current version of Chrome is default browser. Also heavy user of DTPO. All works fine with these two applications. DA seems to work on my laptop. Same OS etc… on the laptop as the desktop iMac.

Thank you for the continued help.


do you have a multi-monitor setup?


I can try it with only the iMac without extra monitor and report back.

If this is the issue I would love to understand why this matters. Using the two monitors is very helpful in my work.


Thank you for responding. Something clearly was wrong with my iMac and probably the reason DA would not open a new browser.

When I disconnected the second monitor, my iMac crashed and went into a loop of reboot and crash. Took it to the Apple Techs for diagnostic, logic board has malfunctioned. The solution is almost as expensive as a new iMac.

My data was backed up in 2 places in addition to a copy of the files taken from the existing drive on the iMac, so I haven’t lost anything (Time Machine and Crash Plan).

The expense and inconvenience is as you would imagine. I also use a laptop with some of my DTPO databases synchronized, so I have been able to work until I decide on a permeant solution. I have other unsynchronized databases I will pull in from the back-ups. Using the DT with sync has made this unfortunate event more bearable.

DA works on my laptop and I’m sure I will be able to continue with the DA tutorial once everything has been sorted out on the new machine.


I’m having this problem as well. DevonAgent reports that it is running, but is unresponsive: the New Browser command does nothing from the Dock icon, and the “Open Link in DevonAgent” command from DTP does nothing.

This is a new problem with the most recent DA update. My laptop is fine. My iMac is only a few months old, and works fine with everything else, including DTP. Reinstalling doesn’t help. I only have one monitor.

Any ideas?


Please launch the Activity (see /Applications/Utilities), select DEVONagent Pro in the list of processes, press Command-Option-S and send us the sample when you start a Support Ticket.

Is Google Chrome selected in Preferences > Bookmarks?

Google Chrome? Yes.

Ah ha! And changing that setting to DevonAgent and restarting fixes the problem.

I’ll be happy to help with more troubleshooting if needed, but I seem to be back on track.


The next maintenance release will fix this.