Devonagent can not activate by shortcut while hidden by Bartender4

Hi, guys
Devonagent can not sometimes activate (90% time maybe) by shortcut(no response at all, can not see search window or menu window) while it’s hidden by Bartendar4. But remove it from the “Bartender4 hidden menu bar item”; the shortcut of Devonagent working again,100%.

Env info:
OS: Mac 12.6
Bartender 4.2.12
Devonagent pro 3.11.6

Have you reported this to the Bartender team?

No, because I tested on my Mac, only devonthink,devonagent,devonsphere can not be activated by shortcut or keyboard maestero shortcut after hiding in menu items(no matter hidden by Bartender or OS system configuration).

I’ve tried to replicate this, but cannot. I’m testing with DEVONagent Pro.

  • when you say “while it’s hidden by Bartender4”, exactly what is “it” ? The DEVONagent icon in the menu bar?

In DEVOnagent Pro Preferences in the Menu Extra tab to start at login and pressed Start button. That put an icon for DEVONagent Express on the Menu Bar. I put it on the “Hidden” Bartender Hidden bar. I then created a Shortcut to DEVONagent Pro. tested by clicking on the Bartender Hidden Bar icon for that, and it pulled up the search bar.

The DEVONagent icon. If tested by mouse-clicking on the Bartender Hidden Bar icon, it’s ok. Devonageng window will show. But if you try to trigger it by shortcuts, sometimes don’t work…

Thanks. I don’t normally use Shortcuts on the iMac, but I did set one up and repeatedly tried to replicate … gave up after 20 or so tries with shortcut. I’m interested as I’m an active user of Bartender, DEVONagent, et. al. Just not ShortCuts, though. As @bluefrog suggests, something with Bartender, Apple’s Shortcuts, or Apple’s macOS as they are mostly in charge of what’s happening. But that just a hunch.


Bartender 4.2.16 has been released. Perhaps will make difference for you.

Tks! I just upgraded Bartender to 4.2.16. If I hide the icon in Bartender, I still can not trigger Devonagent pro or DevonSphere by shortcuts. Put the two icons in the system menu bar; shortcuts work well.

I don’t use Bartender but what’s your shortcut?

My DevonAgent shortcut is "ctrl+shift+cmd+; " DevonSphere shortcut is "ctrl+shift+cmd+’ "

Is this a shortcut assigned in Bartender?

No, no shortcut for Bartender. Never mind, just want to report this to you.
I will let DevonAgent and DevonSphere icon display so that the shortcut will work.

I set a shortcut of Control-Shift-/ in Bartender’s prefs for DEVONagent Express and it opened as expected.