DEVONagent Database Default Location?

Where is the default database location and how can it be changed?

Today I stumbled upon the database in my Downloads folder and I have no idea how it wound up there… And I cannot locate a preference setting for changing its location.

DEVONagent’s Archive, to which one can send pages downloaded by a search set, is located at ~/Library/Application Support/ in the DEVONagent folder. It’s location is not intended to be changed.

But if you choose to download files to the Finder by DEVONagent, such as by the Save As command, they will be sent to the Downloads folder.

Thanks Bill.

I now find two databases in my Downloads folder but it still isn’t clear why they are there… I do not find a preference setting for choosing a download location (usually I have all downloads go to my Desktop so I can find and relocate them easily).

What is the difference between these databases and an Archive?

I did find the Archive material in the Application Support folder.

Could the database/download folder issue be related to scheduled search sets that I have enabled? Again, I cannot locate anything in the Edit Search Sets window indicating that a download location has been designated.

What’s the filename and extension of this database?

The files showing up in my Downloads folder are:


DEVONagent didn’t store them in the Downloads folder, actually it looks like downloading the same file twice. But I can’t tell how you’ve downloaded them, only that they’re not necessary in this folder :wink:

OK, I’ll try opening one of the files and see what it is…

We have no idea how those files got into your Downloads folder – they could not have been placed there by DEVONagent.

They have no useful function in the Downloads folder. I suspect that one of them was moved from its location at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Archive/, then recopied in the Downloads folder. If so, that may have caused information loss in the Archive folder, and if the file has been rebuilt in the Archive folder, moving the file back there would not lead to complete information. So you might as well trash the files in the Downloads folder.

I’m planning on running a number of daily searches using DA and saving the results the archive. This way my next results will only be incremental (right?).

I’m concerned that my searches are going to max out my hard drive (older Mac) but I have an external drive attached where I’d like to put them. Is this possible? If so, how? Where?

I’m new to DA so please be explicit.