DEVONagent does not return any results when I use Bing to search

I’m new to DEVONagent. I might have modified the default setting. Now it does not produce any results when I use Bing to search. How can I reset to the default setting?

What exactly did you modify, did you have a look at the Log tab?

An Express search yields results…

Without Express, it yields 1…

And most of the log…

Yes. But I cannot find any changes made to the setting at the Log tab.

I tried the same search with Bing! The Express search returned 10 results.

The following are the settings and logs. How can I go back to the default setting?

This is my setting.

And this is my logs.

Now with the new setting, an Express search returned only 2 results.

Try to open one of the Bing URLs shown in the Log in a browser window. Is an error or captcha shown?

No. I can open the Bing URLs from the Log properly :joy:

And how many results do they show? What’s shown if JavaScript is disabled?

When I disable JavaScript, I can only get two search results. I have no idea how to fix this issue.

JavaScript doesn’t impact searching. But might change what you’ll see in a browser window when opening the logged URLs.

Are you using a VPN?

Bing search returns nothing with or without a VPN.
My google search returns the results properly. But Bing search does not work.

I tried to open the urls in the LOG and it returned no results.
Is there anything wrong with my plugin for Bing search?

The plug-in is definitely fine, the same Bing URL returns lots of results over here. But results might vary of course depending on geolocation.

How does Bing work in a browser?

Bing works fine in a browser but does not work in Devonagent.
Is there a reset button in Devonagent?

Bing search used to work fine at the beginning. But it failed after I modified some settings.
Is it possible to restore the default setting of Devonagent?

You could try whether deleting DEVONagent’s preferences will make a difference.