DEVONagent - Excel hyperlinks imported as SearchSet

I have been trying to import a list of hyperlinks from excel as a search set in DEVONagent with no luck.

They are in a list format with no title and on a blank sheet.
I save the sheet as a HTML file and then try to upload that file into Safari, so I can then Import Safari Bookmarks into DEVONagent as a search set but I keep getting the following error message during Sarari upload:

Does the excel, CSV or numbers document need to be in a specific format like having a title, no spaces, etc for converting to HTLM then uploading into Safari?

I can see there is an option to import/export search sets but this is the only way I can see of importing website URLs on mass to be used within a specific search set. :confused:

You could open that HTML page in a browser window of DEVONagent Pro, then choose the contextual menu command “Add All Links To Set”.

Looks ideal Christian.

It should work but does not for some reason.
When saving from excel it give the option to save as HML, rather than HTML so I don’t know if this is causing the problem or if it only works saving from Number?

Hi Christian,

Having looked at this again there may not be a problem but I would like to check the following with you.

When selecting “Add All Links To Set” I was expecting to see all of the links imported individually but this does not happen. What does happen is that is imports the location of the HTML file that contains the links and is set to Crawl.

Is this how it should operate in that DevonAgent points to the external HTML file rather than importing each individual HTML? :confused:

“Add All Links to Set” should add all links of the currently viewed web page, it shouldn’t add the address of the web page. It might be easier to open a support ticket and to send us the HTML file so that we can check this over here.

I was selecting Data-AddToSet rather than “Add All Links to Set”. Found it now via right clicking on the links being shown within the DAgent browser and Bam, all the links have imported correctly so all looks good :smiley: