DEVONagent Express Icon Move

Hi is it possible to rearrange the DEVONagent Express Icon in the Menu Bar to the right? near quick look?

… i think it would be nice to have the search near spotlight, just because many users have a lot of icons in their menu bar (like me)… and in some case you want see the icon because of open application menu´s…

… so maybe it´s a future tuning for the next update?

… what do u think about that?

That’s unfortunately not possible as only real menu extras can be rearranged but are reserved for Apple. Third-party pseudo menu extras are usually located to the left, depending on the order the applications are launched.

@cgrunenberg: you descriptor exactly the status at the moment - that´s the problem ;-( so maybe in near future something is possible…

…but for now living with shortcuts is the best and quick solution for this :wink: