Devonagent express search results

Hello, I’m sure I might just be missing this functionally but here is what I was hoping for…I want to search from devonagent express, click on a link and have it open in devonagent browser with all search results in the sidebar. Is this possible? When I do a new search from devonagent pro, it opens a devonagent browser with all results in sidebar so I can easily go through them.

Thanks in Advance.


No. It’s only possible to open a result in your default browser (or DEVONagent Pro).

I’m not sure you understand my question…So i do a search from within Devonagent express in my mac’s toolbar, I see a list of results and when I click on a link it opens in Devonagent pro browser which is great but I want all the search results in that devonagent pro browser window?

The results from DEVONagent Express don’t transfer to Pro. Express is just a utility for quick search and access of specific results. If you want the results list, you should use a DEVONagent Pro search (Shift-Command-N).