DEVONagent for Car Shopping


I have a project to replace my car, which involves me looking for a few cars that I really like on a regular basis across a lot of web sites and services.

Has anyone else gone done this road and have some advice or things to watch for in DEVONagent?

Most of my attention has been focused on somewhat close dealerships that are likely to have the car(s) I’m interested in, and sites like Craigslist.

I’m trying to make this better and more reliable, have any other users been down this road or other DEVONagent ninjas with some possible insight? I’m very new to DEVONagent, I’ve used it off and on in the trial maybe a couple dozen times and I could use some mentoring.

Another possibility (instead of using a base URL and following links like in your search set) is to use site-specific plugins and to add them to the search set (without following links). See viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12925