DEVONagent for genealogical research - a newbie question

I do intensive research in genealogical research/DNA for me and for helping others (adoptees,…).

For 3 years, I am a big fan of DEVONThink pro Office for classifying information and to get to cross matching information.

However, I never was able to get DEVONagent to give my tangible results when searching for remote ancestors - ex: in Russia ou Hungaria. I always have the sense that even if I limit searches with NEAR/2 ou BEFORE/2 or using brackets to sear for a “surname + name”. I always get unrelevant results.

Does anyone has success with DEVONagent for this use ? - or any comments.

I also have problems to add “Sites” to my search group if I must login - the same parameters (ex: passwords) apply to all Sites I enter


Note that DEVONagent doesn’t guarantee “all relevant results”. It depends on what plugin you’re using (ex. Web (Deep) or Bing or…), the sites you’re searching in a search set (and if they’re accessible), the terms you use, etc.

What plugin or sites are you using?

milena76 I have sent you a private message.

Hi Jim
Thanks for your reply.

1- Plugins
Well I must admit I am not familiar with the coverage of these plugins…
I tried a few - but I am like a blind person in this world.

Should I search them individually on the web - or do you have a resource to suggest to make a better choice for more concise results ?

2- Sites in Search Sets
In fact, I am mostly interested in genealogical websites (,, 23&me) so I created my own Search Sets with entering these websites.
However it is as if I cannot enter a user name and password for each individual website. The parameters I enter for one applies to all of them.
Am I doing something wrong ? see screens shots.


Hi milena76,

I am trying to set up the same sites for genealogical research as you have shown. Did you ever come up with a solution?